The 6 things you should consider for your next holiday with kids

Most pictures commemorating holidays with children feature them beaming bright smiles to the camera, but parents know full well that these happy moments tend to involve a lot of hard work and preparation, from picking hotels for kids to scheduling flights for their sleeping hours. Here is some advice:

1. Expect the unexpected

There’s always something isn’t there? Something unforeseen occurs and then you have to reschedule flights or accommodation. The best advice for this is to simply to be prepared for the worst since such events can just come with the territory. Plan ahead and design a schedule with space to move around to avoid adding extra pressure.

2. Let the kids record the experience

If they are old enough, let them grab a camera or invite them to keep a travel journal. They can put a nice spin on the experiences you live but, also, it can be a fun way to have them busy during the off-times, writing or choosing which photos look better.

3. Don’t let the climate catch you off-guard

Always carry with you things like a tiny umbrella, just in case. Also, beware of insects or any other health matters that you need to deal with in your holiday location.

4. E is for entertainment

Pack a few of the families favorite board games. Even better, add a new one to keep things fresh. Also, do a bit of research and find out about apps specifically designed to entertain children in a simple comfortable easy-to-pack way.

5. Acknowledge their growth

As your kids grow older, they become resentful of being treated like little kids. But there are several milestones along the way in terms of what kind of responsibilities they are ready to take. From choosing what to eat to actually having a say on the destination chosen, giving them more autonomy will make them more involved in the success of the whole trip.

6. Hotels for kids

It seems obvious, but still. There are certain hotels that make a special effort to be children-friendly or, to be more precise, parent-friendly. Look them up and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel comfortable before making your reservation.

Discover an interactive space especially dedicated to the family with Holiday Inn Express. The Interactive Zone aims for children between 3 and 12 years old to have fun with their families by using technologies, images and interactive and analog games.

With all this in mind, you will have nothing to worry about except where to put the photos of an unforgettable holiday.




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